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​​Online Safety

Online Safety Guidance for Parents

​Using the internet, mobile phones and games consoles are now an every-day part of young people's lives. However, there are risks for children and you as parents need to know how to protect your children effectively.

We have created this page to give you some tips on how you can keep your children safe, as well as provide you with some informative websites for you to find out more information.

​​Online safety policy Jan 2021 final 23.2.21.pdf


Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement.pdf

 Online hate is something that your children will be coming across whilst they are using the internet and social media. Internet matters have created a toolkit to help parents tackle this issue with their children: Internet-Matters-Guide-Online-Hate-And-Trolling-Advice_GBTCv2-1-1.pdf

Castleford Park Junior's Top Tips for Parents:

  1. Communicate with your child about their online habits-start those conversations early!

  2. Establish clear boundaries with your child and monitor their online and social media usage.

  3. Have up to date anti-virus protection on your devices.

  4. Setup parental controls on your Internet Service Provider (ISP- your ISP will be able to give more information about how to do this).

  5. Make sure you are familiar with the website and use the websites below to help you stay up to date.

  6. Always seek advice if unsure and know where to report your concerns. School will be only too happy to help. 

​We follow an 'Internet Legends' scheme of work designed by Parent Zone and Google to help us teach our pupils how to stay safe online. Parents can also use the same exciting and relevant materials by following this link:

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​​Recommended websites for more information​


Setting up parental control on different electronic devices

Link to set YouTube parental controls

Link to WhatsApp parental control guide

Link to Instagram parental control guide

Parental Guide - Apple.pdf
Parental Guide - Nintendo Switch.pdf
Parental Guide - Playstation.pdf
Parental Guide - WiiU.pdf
parental guide - xbox family.pdf
parental guide - xbox360.pdf
parental guide - xboxone.pdf
Parental Guides - Nintendo3DS.pdf