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Castleford Park Junior Academy

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Governance - Governor Information​​

​​​Our Governors can be contacted using the e mail address indicated:​


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​Chair of Governors - Mr John Dossey

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 24.1.2018  Term of Office end date: 23.1.2022


I am a Registered Manager with seventeen years' experience working with adults with learning difficulties and mental health diagnosis, experienced in developing self-managing services that exceed national minimum standards. I also have experience in health and safety and the risk assessment process.  

I am passionate about making sure that everyone, regardless of their background or ability, is given the same chance to thrive and develop that we all have. 

I am originally from a little town in Oklahoma called Shawnee. I joined the United States Air Force when I was 18 and spent 10 years as a Fire-fighter travelling the world, eventually being stationed in the UK.  

When I left the US Air Force I stayed in the UK working several jobs from a Gym Receptionist to a Used Car Salesman.  I eventually stumbled into being a Support Worker and loved it and I soon worked my way up into Management.  

I am a very positive person and have a real passion for developing and supporting person centred teams to create person centred services where the people supported are at the centre and are involved in all processes. I hope to bring this passion and focus to the Board of Governors to help Park Junior Academy excel in all it does and provides for the community. 


Vice Chair of Governors/Community Governor - Mrs Rachel Davies

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 16.03.2015 Term of Office end date: 15.03.2023

I have been a parent governor at Castleford Park Junior Academy since 2012 and am passionate about helping the school move towards being recognised by OFSTED as an outstanding school.
I am a strong believer in community and working together to help each other. I recognise the importance of providing children with a first class education to give them opportunities and the best start in life, whilst ensuring that school is a happy place to be.
I live in Castleford with my husband and two sons who have both attended schools within the Castleford Multi Academy Trust. I work at Castleford Academy and in my spare time I enjoy watching football and rugby league. I also play badminton, love to read and listen to music.​​



Headteacher - Miss Kathryn Law

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 01.09.2015

As Headteacher at Castleford Park Junior Academy, I am passionate about improving the life chances of children in Castleford. I believe that all children deserve the same valuable chance at an exciting and challenging education and endeavour to provide this through my commitment to school and my research into highly effective educational practice. Receiving the best education is paramount to ensuring the children of Castleford achieve their aspirations in the future and I enjoy working with the schools in our Academy Trust to achieve this. I aim to do this through helping staff plan for relevant, engaging and exciting learning opportunities that demonstrate the importance of life long learning and skills for the future to our children and their parents. 

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Community Governor - Mr John Hughes

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 07.06.2017  Term of Office end date: 06.06.2021

I have been a governor at Castleford Park Junior Academy since 1990. I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role of Governor. I keep myself updated on the role by attending numerous training courses both online and classroom training. I am also a delegate to Wakefield schools forum and a trustee of Castleford Academy Trust. Before I retired I was a union convenor for Unison and my areas were schools and Children's Services which also gave me experience of other schools and services to schools. My main aim as a governor is to see Castleford Park Junior Academy become an outstanding school and deliver an education for all.


Community Governor - Mr Kevin Patrick​

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 13.10.2015  Term of Office end date: 12.10.2019

I am a Governor at both Glasshoughton Infant Academy and Castleford Park Junior Academy. I enjoy being part of the school family and working in the community. I have been a governor at Glasshoughton Infant Academy since 2009. We are now part of the Castleford Multi Academy Trust and as governors we will continue to build a stronger and vibrant school community for the children of Castleford.

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Community Governor - Mr Peter Roe

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 22.06.2016  Term of Office end date: 21.06.2020

I have experience as a Governor at three different Wakefield schools and I am very proud to represent the interests of local families. My own son attends Park Junior Academy and I am passionate about ensuring that the hard working staff have the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to ensure that pupils receive the best possible experience during their time at the school. 

Prior to working for WDH, I spent 10 years in Education in various roles from Assistant Headteacher to ICT Coordinator teaching pupils from age 4 to 18. 

My interests include DIY, football and movies.​​

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Community Governor - Mrs Michelle Roe

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 06.10.2016  Term of Office end date: 05.10.2020

I have been a primary school teacher for over 14 years. I have had several subject leader roles within school including; SENDco, Foundation Stage Manager, Science, Music, Healthy Schools and Literacy. I am currently working part time as an advisory teacher for Wakefield Council.In addition to this, I also run 'Little Learners Education' offering tuition and educational workshops to local youngsters. I have a son at Park Junior Academy and strongly believe that learning should be fun and childhood should be valued. ​

   Parent Governor - Mrs Lucy Simpson

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 18.1.2019  Term of Office end date: 17.1.2023

As a parent governor, I aim to bring a parents perspective to every meeting, considering what can be done to help ensure that all children are given the same opportunities and positive outcomes are achieved. 

I am a strong believer that working together as a team helps to achieve great results, and the governing body is effectively supporting the hard working staff and children across the school. 

I feel it is important that every child is happy, safe and confident to become the very best they can be. As parents we need to support the school in its journey to become an outstanding school. 

I have two daughters at Park Junior Academy, and I have already seen some brilliant positive changes in the last 4 years as being a parent so I am proud to be part of the team striving to make further improvements. I work full time in procurement at a local public buying organisation, but in my spare time I love to attend dance classes and do crafts like crochet and baking with my daughters.​

JR pic.jpg​​​

Staff Governor - Mrs Jody Roberts

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 30.12.2016  Term of Office end date: 29.12.2020

As the Deputy Headteacher, SENCO and Pupil Premium Lead at Castleford Park Junior Academy, I am truly passionate about giving every child the best possible education! The children at CPJA only pass through the school once and therefore they deserve the chance to be the best they can be and I stand by the school motto of 'Being the best we can be together!'. Seeing children grow in confidence and self-belief makes my job the best job in the world – with these skills the children can achieve whatever they want to achieve in life. Special Educational Needs is my key responsibility in school and I endeavour to ensure that every child is given a fair start in life and given the very best opportunities to succeed by learning the best way they can. When children can not learn it is time we changed the way we teach!​


​Staff Governor - Mrs Joanna Lister

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 10.07.2019  Term of Office end date: 09.07.2023

Prior to me working at CPJA I worked within the NHS for 30 years as a Senior Nurse. I have been involved with CPJA since 2007 when my daughter attended this school. I have previously been a volunteer helper and a parent governor at this school. I commenced my post as a Teaching Assistant in 2015 and now have this opportunity to be a staff governor. I hope that my knowledge and experience of our school, will put me in a position to work alongside fellow governors, all our amazing staff and Head teacher to continue to develop all our children to attain their own full potential, and for the school to become outstanding.

JC Pic.jpg

Associate Member - Primary Director of Education - Ms Jayne Clarke

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 01.09.2017  Term of Office end date: 31.08.2021

Jayne began her teaching career by transferring her Primary expertise into a new Comprehensive school. She later reconnected with Primary learners in the deprived pit villages of South and West Yorkshire, advocating for children least able to engage successfully in education before she joined a 3-19 special school in Doncaster. Subsequently working in the Batley area, she specialised in removing barriers to learning for multi-lingual children.

Promoting a multi-agency approach to raising aspirations, she opened 2 Surestart hubs on school premises and mentored teachers in promoting positive learning cultures. In January 2008 she became Headteacher at Ryecroft Primary School, which serves one of the 1% most deprived areas nationally and a place which had experienced 10 heads in 11 years. Instability in the school was very tangible and distressing but by July 2010 OFSTED recognised the school as Good and by April 2014 Ryecroft was Outstanding. As a result of this transformation work, Jayne was awarded TES Primary Headteacher of the year in 2014. Now an NLE, prior to joining Castleford Multi Academy Trust Jayne supported schools via the Bradford Birth-19 TSA. She also chaired a partnership of 10 schools in the BD4 area of Bradford and sat on the Bradford Primary Improvement Partnership (BPIP) Executive.

After taking up Executive Principle posts in Bradford schools requiring additional support, Jayne has joined Castleford Multi-Academy Trust as Director of Primary. She has already steered Three Lane Ends Academy through a challenging OFSTED and is working closely with local Headteachers to improve outcomes for children.


​Associate Member  - Mrs Anna Walker​

Current Term of Office:

Date of Appointment: 13.04.2016  Term of Office end date: 12.04.2020

I am Headteacher at Glasshoughton Infant Academy where I began my teaching career in 2005. I am passionate about giving children the best possible start that I can, with a great belief that children only get one chance at school and therefore they deserve the chance to be the best they can be.I am currently Literacy subject leader, a subject a feel passionate about. For children to be able to access all other areas of the curriculum they need to be able to listen, to ask and answer questions, to read and to write. Literacy is the gateway to learning and we have to get it right.​​


Meeting Dates 2019/20


Monday 23rd September 2019

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Wednesday 29th January 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Wednesday 8th July 2020


Full Governing Body Meeting Dates and Attendance Record 2019/2020

Governor Name​Meeting Date​Meeting Date​Meeting Date​Meeting Date​Meeting Date​Meeting Date​Total Attended
​Mr Dossey
​Mrs Davies​​
​Miss Law
​Mr Patrick
​Mrs Roberts
​Mr Hughes
​Mr Roe
​Mrs Roe
Mrs Walker
​Mrs Beedle
Ms Clarke
Mrs Simpson
​Mrs Lister


Register of Interests 2019/20


                                                                       Awaiting document


​Meeting Dates 2018/19


Wednesday 26th September2018

Wednesday 28th November 2018

Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Wednesday 20th March 2019

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Thursday 11th July 2019


Full Governing Body Meeting Dates and Attendance Record 2018/2019

Governor Name​Meeting Date​Meeting Date​Meeting Date​Meeting Date​Meeting Date​Meeting Date​Total Attended
​Mr Dossey​YesYes​Apologies​​Apologies​Yes​Yes​4/6
​Mrs Davies​​YesYes​Yes​​Yes​Yes​Yes​6/6
​Miss Law​YesYes​Yes​​Yes​Yes​Yes​6/6
​Mrs Burton​Yesresigned 28.11.18​-​-​-​-​​1/1
​Mr Patrick​ApologiesYes​Yes​​No​Apologies​Yes​3/6
​Mrs RobertsYesYes​Yes​​Yes​Yes​Yes​6/6
​Mr Hughes​YesYes​Yes​​Yes​Yes​Apologies​6/6
​Mr Dell​​Apologiesresigned 5.12.18​-​-​-​-​​0/1
​Mr Roe​YesYes​Yes​​Yes​Yes​Yes​6/6
​Mrs Roe​YesYes​Yes​​Yes​Yes​Apologies​5/6
Mrs Walker​YesApologies​Yes​​Yes​Yes​Apologies​5/6
​Mrs Beedle​YesYes​Yes​​Apologies​Yes​Yes5/6
Ms Clarke​YesYes​Yes​​Yes​Apologies​Yes​5/6
​Mrs Churm​Resigned 14.9.18​-​-​-​-​-​N/A
Mrs Simpson-​Yes -observer​Appointed 18.1.19​Yes​Yes​Yes5/5​
​Mrs Lister​-​-​-​-​Yes - observer​Yes​2/2


Register of Interests 2018/19​


Category of GovernorNameDate AppointedTerm End DateName of BusinessNature of BusinessNature of InterestDate of Declaration
Acting Chair / ParentJohn Dossey24.1.1823.1.22NilNil Nil5.10.18
Vice Chair/Community Rachel Davies16.3.1515.3.19

Castleford Academy




Employee (Payroll & Finance Dept.)28.11.18
CommunityJohn Hughes7. Infant Academy
Wakefield Governor Services
Castleford Academy Trust


Local Authority


Spouse is a Governor

Spouse is a Clerk

Trustee and Governor

CommunityKevin Patrick13.10.1512.10.19Glasshoughton Infant Academy


Housing Association



CommunityPeter Roe22.6.1621.6.20WDH
Wakefield Council
Social Housing
Spouse's employer
CommunityMichelle Roe6. Teacher
Social Housing
Spouse's employer
CommunityJon Dell –resigned 5.12.1814. & Young LLP
GE Capital Europe Ltd
Free Cakes for Kids Ltd
Professional Services
Financial Services
Director - unpaid
ParentLucy Simpson18.1.1917.1.23YPOPublic Buying OrganisationEmployee5.2.19
HeadteacherKathryn Law1.9.15-Glasshoughton Infant AcademyEducationGovernor23.9.18
StaffJoanna Burton – resigned 28.11.1811.7.1628.11.18NilNilNil26.9.18
StaffJody Roberts30.12.1629.12.20Castleford Park Junior AcademyEducationDHT26.9.18
AssociateAnna Walker13.4.1612.4.20Glasshoughton Infant AcademyEducationHeadteacher26.9.18
 Jayne Clarke1.9.1731.8.21CMATEducationPrimary Director17.10.18
Associate/SBMSandra Beedle24.1.1823.1.22Castleford Park Junior Academy
Castleford Academy




Parent of pupils within the MAT



The last External Review rated our Governors as ‘Low Risk’ which means they are considered effective in their duties. Please click on the link to read the external review.

Governing Body Committees and Responsibilities.pdf
Governing Body Register of Interests 18.19.pdf
Governor Newsletter Feb17.pdf
Governor Term Dates.pdf
Review of Governance Report.pdf
The Role of the Governor.pdf

​​ Governance -Trustees ​

The Trustees are responsible for the strategic direction of the Academy Trust. They set the vision for the trust, development plans, general policy and the budget. The Trustees monitor performance in education, compliance and finance. They make major decisions about the direction of the Academy Trust, capital expenditure and senior staff appointments.  The Board of Trustees holds each governing body of academies within the Trust to account.

List of Trustees