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Castleford Park Junior Academy

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​​​​​​​​​​​School Curriculum​​

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Our School Vision:

At Castleford Park Junior Academy we strive to ensure that our school is child-centred and our pupils have the vision, self-belief and confidence to achieve their goals, knowing how to overcome challenges along the way. They will understand the importance of being independent and thinking for themselves, taking responsibility for and showing commitment to their learning in order to become self-motivated individuals who will achieve their full potential. We expect our pupils to see the value in taking pride in everything they do and the importance of having the ability to work collaboratively with others. By cultivating such attitudes, we aim to provide them with everything they may need to lead a successful life in the future. 


Our Curriculum Vision:

Castleford Park Junior Academy aims to provide a creative, inclusive, challenging and real-world curriculum that inspires future thinkers, innovators and problem solvers in an immersive environment that stimulates and supports high quality learning. We want to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to exceed their potential academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually - creating ambitious, life-long learners who will be able to educate their family and wider community as they grow older. To support their learning, 3 key drivers have been designated to each year group which will underpin their learning and help us build the confidence, articulacy and competence to succeed:

​ ​

​Year 3

​​Year 4

​​Year 5

​​Year 6

Achievers — thriving on challenges and settling into school.

· Working together 

· Resilience 

· Independence 

Planners —Building enquiring minds.

· Asking and answering our own questions 

· Planning exactly how to do it

· Explaining what you know clearly

Problem solvers - using our hearts and minds to overcome challenges.

· Reasoning 

·Compassion—understanding each other 

· Use our resources to help us to learn effectively in the classroom, increasing our independence​

Inspirers —Celebrating who we are and what we could be next.

· Confident 

· Organised 

· Able to communicate effectively


Promoting British Values Updated Sept 2018.pdf
9/30/2018 12:57 PMKathryn Law

Our school considers it important to ensure that pupils are adequately prepared for their life in Britain when they leave us. The document above provides a summary of how we endeavour to do this effectively.