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​​​​​​​​​​​Helping your child

On this page, you will find helpful tips that we hope will help you to support your child in their learning. There is guidance about how to question your child when reading, the way our planners are designed to be used and lots of helpful tips for how to get the most out of maths homework! Our staff are always happy to help and guide you if you need further information or support. 

Castleford Park Junior Academy Reading at Home Guide.pdf
Handwriting Policy  Appendix 5 Handwriting Tips.pdf
Handwriting Policy 2021.pdf
Homework Policy 2021.pdf
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Reading Tips

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​Helping your child with their Maths homework 

Homework Strategies.pdf
Parent Night Handout.pdf
Teaching your child how to solve written calculations.pdf

​​​​'Teaching your child how to solve written calculations' explains how we teach each operation to your children and the steps we work through to make sure that they understand them. 


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Encouraging talk with your child (1).pdf
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Parent Guide for Accelerated Reader.pdf
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Parent Guide Spelling Shed.pdf
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Parent Guide to TT Rockstars.pdf
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Parent handbook.pdf
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